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Terms & Conditions

Our company is specialized in the rental and support of inflatable boats and marine engines
We are a company with many years of experience on the sea. and pioneers in the rental of polyester and inflatable boats.
So, thinking about how we could serve the needs of our customers, we have produced a number of boats that are tailored in such a way that passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey. The passenger limit is between 6 and 8 people depending on the size of the boat.
Vessels and engines are new and tested with full service by our technicians before each delivery.
Note: We are not responsible for any mechanical or other damages that will be caused by your own fault on board during the fare.
Prices include: Safety, water tank with shower, all life saving appliances, according to the Greek legislation and delivery and delivery (Delivery and receipt become: COMPLEX ONLY at the port of Sivota)
Extra charges: Delivery and receipt of the boat outside Sivota, there is a charge on fuel and manpower. In case the vessel is delivered in a different part than agreed, the transportation cost will be deducted from the guarantee
Not included: VAT, Fuel.
By agreement if you want the following services:
1. Delivery of the vessel to a port of Thesprotia that the customer desires.
2. We have a skipper in case the customer is not qualified to drive a speedboat (a relevant driving license is required by Greek law), throughout his vacation.

According to the General Regulation of Ports (GFC) 38 regulating the rental of motor boats and high-speed small craft:
– Every boat that is hired must be a boat license (blue and not green carrying amateur) and write that it is professional.
– The permit of the hired vessel must be specifically mentioned for its destination by the registration in red ink of the phrase “RENEWED ACCORDING TO THE PROVISIONS OF N ° 38 OF THE GENERAL PORT REGULATION”.
The offenders are punished with a fine whose height reaches forty thousand (40,000.00) € !!!
The lessor must deliver to each tenant by letting:
(a) The original license to carry out the voyage of the leased vessel,
(b) a copy of the policy,
(c) a certified copy of the lease,
(d) Copies of the General Port Regulations (GCC) 20, 23 regulating the movement and movement of motor boats and high-speed boats, as well as of the GCC. no. 38.
Note :
For the needs of completing the Private Rental Agreement. please send us your full details such as name, home address, navigation license number, credit card number. We remind you that during the charter you will have to carry on board the ship’s license and pilot license to be displayed to the Port Authorities if requested.

In order to complete the reservation of a boat, you must pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the fare.
The remaining 70% is paid once you receive the boat.

A reservation which is canceled 25 days before the fare is refunded 60% of the deposit

A reservation canceled 15 days before the fare is refunded 30% of the deposit

Reservation canceled 5 days before the fare is refunded

For any clarification or further information please contact us at the phone numbers. 26650 93370 Fax: 26650 21566 Mobile phone 6985700887

Send us e mail
For fare reservations

Please be aware that you must first read and then sign the Private Agreement before receiving the boat